Filipino Mocking FIlipino Funny True Story

I just watched bunch of videos from Youtube regarding “Filipino accent and accent tag” – it’s kind a LOL but then I got sick and tired reading comments from Pinoys that they are something like being insulted by the poster. Mga kuya at ate, grow up bawal ang pikon and sa mga kapwa ko pinoy (OO pinoy din! kaya ako tinamad mag-youtube at mag-post na lang ng blog) na mapanlait sa english namin – “wa kayo pakz” (urban term for “you don’t care”) we are trying to educate ourselves and it’s none of your business!

Just sharing a true story.

We are at Starbucks to buy our coffees, and there are these 2 gays in front of us in the lane and coincidence the cashier is also a gay. So they chat funny and teasing each other.

Then the 2 customers ordered their coffees, “Sis, two white chocolate mocha. Oh! No-fats milk please.” then the cashier like “Huh? No-fats sis? hahaha” and people heard and LOLing on them.

So 1 gay said “oo no-fats may S kasi marami” and people are LOLing again. ahehe.

I guessed they meant “non-fat milk”, and the other one misunderstood what is funny with what they said.

Honestly I also then giggled because it’s kinda we are in a comedy bar and I thought they are just trying to make jokes. But I guess they got insulted and felt like stupid so they turned their back and walked-out.

Somehow I feel them, it’s not cool being mocked by others just because you are trying to educate yourselves even it makes us stupid and trying hard. The cashier guy said he didn’t mean to be rude with them. Although he said sorry, it still not cool to make mocks on other people, and he already hurts somebody’s feeling.

I got this video from youtube, showing how racist are we (Pinoys), too. BTW, it’s Word of The Lourd episode, he tackles how sensitive Pinoys and Pinoy being racist at 2:32 LOL

I do understand gays are funny and I am living in a culture where gays are making jokes, so don’t be misunderstood and don’t take it seriously.

So, my conclusion is needless what is your stereotype, we are all the same. You have your own language / culture / style so do I and so are they. Making mocks on other is not cool more particularly in front of other people. I’m not saying comedians are not cool, it’s the matter of timing and place. And if you are the victim of this shameful behavior or should I say “there’s a life devastating happening against you”, be brave, be calm and just continue what you are doing unless you are not hurting anyone. Being stupid is not really cool, but to mock other people because you think they are stupid and not appropriate with your looks, styles, diction, accents, and speeches is the most “NO! NO! NO COOL!” and more stupid (I guess). So, I’m sending my signature to petition to instead of mocking them why not help them to educate their selves.

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